Side Gallery

Side Gallery


Set of baskets
Manufactured by Jennifer Zurick
Produced in exclusive for SIDE GALLERY
Kentucky (USA), 2019
Several materials

Wilow bark, honeysuckle vine
Measurements: 15 cm x 6 cm x 25h cm (5,9 in x 2,3 in x 9,84h in)

Willow bark
Measurements: 16 cm x 16 cm x 24h cm (6,29 in x 6,29in x 9,44h in)

Willow bark, encaustic
Measurements: 20 cm x 21h cm (7,87 in x 8,26h in)

Jennifer Zurick is a self-taught artist specializing in black willow bark which she has been harvesting and weaving into baskets since 1980. She is the recipient of a 2010 United Sates Artists Fellowship and was selected for the 1999 Kentucky Arts Council Cultural Exchange Residency in Ecuador. Her work is inspired by basketry and textiles from many cultures with a special appreciation for Native American basketry. Inspired by the land around her willow bark became her fiber of choice and woven vessels have evolved into her prominent model of creative expression.
Jennifer aspires to create simple, elegant woven pieces that possess a richness of sprit and presence embodying the soul of the tree from which they came from. A fascination with old tribal textiles, finally woven functional containers and ancient processes fuels her inclination to manipulate fiber. Enjoying various weaving techniques to inject texture and rhythmic design elements, she draws significantly upon the basketry. As her work evolves, she is compelled to create more intricate textile-like woven forms, finding great satisfaction in emulating the art and integrity of fine basketry.