Side Gallery

Side Gallery


Vase model “Incommodious Print”
Manufactured by Hannah Hansdotter
Produced in exclusive for SIDE GALLERY
Sweden, 2020
Handblown glass

31 cm diameter x 63 cm height
12,2 in diameter x 24,8 in height

Unique piece

Hannah Hansdotter is based in Småland, the Swedish province where she keeps her studio. In the 18th century, timber from dense local forests fueled the furnaces that yielded assorted treasures for the royal family. Today, the region’s main manufacturers, Kosta Boda and Orrefors, produce affordable tableware alongside car parts for Volvo. It’s this multifaceted history that has inspired Hansdotter’s work, which, she notes, hovers between craft and mass production. After training in the region, dubbed the Kingdom of Crystal, she headed to art school, where she experimented with blowing molten glass into industrial iron frameworks. These ad hoc molds would imprint patterned, almost alien surfaces onto her vessels, as the glass bulged and oozed through openings in the grates.