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Side Gallery


Letter for Anni (i)
Manufactured by Fernanda Fragateiro
Madrid, 2017
Polished stainless steel

26 cm x 100 cm x 13 cm h
10,23 in x 40,94 in x 5,11 in h

Fernanda Fragateiro presented Letter For Anni at ARCO Madrid, 2017.
The piece was inspired by a dialogue between light and shadows among the objects hidden on common spaces. As a starting point, the Fernanda took five stainless steel pieces inspired by German artist, Anni Albers.
“The objective of this proposal is to promote and disseminate contemporary creation, as well as to collaborate with artists in order to conceive art outside its usual environment of creation, incorporating it into sectors related to design and integrating it into daily life”.

Born in 1962 in Montijo, Portugal. Fernanda lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.
The work of Fernanda Fragateiro is characterized by a keen interest in rethinking and probing modernist practices, a search that she materializes through subtle alterations of existing landscapes and objects with the intention of revealing stories of constructions and transformations buried there.
Although Fragateiro’s work (mainly sculptures, installations and open-air interventions) varies frequently in scale and handles a wide range of reference material, it always conserves a powerful style of its own, engendered in a meticulous and minimalist aesthetic of form, colour and texture of the surfaces.
Fragateiro’s explorations extend beyond the limits of the work itself and embrace the fullness of the space in which both the object and the viewer of that object exist.
Fregateiro often uses an already existing material rich in symbolic implications, such as silk thread from a German factory, books and magazines of second-hand art, discarded architectural models or debris produced during the construction boom in Portugal, in order to mold a complex and yet delicate work in which an intricate network of internal references to the theory of art and the history of architecture is intertwined