Side Gallery

Side Gallery




Bar Stool
From "BSP" series
Manufactured by Donghoon Sohn
Produced for Side Gallery
Seoul (Korea), 2021
By product, solvent, plastic

43 cm x 43 cm x 83 cm (seat height)
94.5 cm total height
16,92 in x 16,92 in x 32, 67 in x 37,2 in

Unique Piece

Defined by the exploration of new possibilities, Sohn ́ s design process is a combination of planned processes and imminent variables. The B.S.P series, is a collection derived from researching different ways to incorporate byproducts of the design process into the final work. The name of the series was inspired by the abbreviation of the B.L.T club sandwich. B.S.P stands for byproduct, Solvent, Plastic, the three materials used to create the collection. Although the series is largely made of virgin plastic blocks, instead of being held together by glue or resin, the blocks are stuck together by the use of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS plastic), a byproduct of the of the numerous design prototypes made during the 3D printing process. The byproduct takes the form of plastic flakes, which dissolve in a little amount of solvent due their large surface area, relative to their volume. These flakes dissolve quickly in ethanol, before they can be mixed with different coloured powders, forming a technicoloured glue which once again solidifies whilst pressing it between the slabs, causing it to ooze out between the plastic blocks like melted cheese.

    Designer image

    Donghoon Sohn is the Founder / Designer of Atelier Sohn. Sohn is his last name and means "hand" and "craftsmanship" in Korean. His origin of thinking is based on all-time values and people's daily life in contemporary society.

    He is trying to seek new alternatives through experiments and observations. He graduated from Korea national university of arts (K'arts) and took Samsung design membership for two years (2009 - 2010). Then he started his professional carrier at Samsung Electronics Headquarters (2010 - 2016). At Samsung, he worked on product design and user experience design through various projects such as laptops, wearable devices, and smartphones.

    He won several international awards like the IF, Red Dot, and Pin Up design. At the same time, he has worked for ATELIER SOHN (2015 - Present). He received various media attention as a rising designer through an exhibition at Milan design week and Paris design week. After graduating from Ecal / University of art and design in Lausanne (2016 - 2017), he has successfully collaborated with Vacheron Constantin, Christofle, Chopard, and Hotel Trois Couronnes. Sohn has also been successful in art direction, object and collaboration projects in living and luxury brands.