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Side Gallery




Bedside table number 4
Manufactured by Carlo Lorenzetti
Produced in exclusive for Side Gallery
Eindhoven (Holland), 2021
Stoneware, glaze, tin, lightbulb

40 cm x 45 cm x 50h cm (80 cm full height)
15,74 in x 17,71 in x 19,68h in (31,5 full height)

Unique Piece

This bedside table is comprised of a pull switch lamp, a phone charging area with internal cable routing, a short drawer, a magazine/paper book leaning shelf, and a cubby for a mug.

    Designer image

    Carlo Lorenzetti (b. 1990 Chicago, IL) is a designer from Michigan, USA. His formative training in pottery was the basis for his undergraduate studies. He graduated from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design with a B.A in Fine Arts, in 2012. He studied ceramics and furniture design and focused his research on the relationship between digital fabrication with traditional craft techniques.

    In 2015 he received an M.A from the Contextual Design department at Design Academy Eindhoven, where his research focused on themes of the subconscious. His focus shifted away from hybrid fabrication methods to user experience. His craft background was foundational in his exploration of domestic and primal archetypes. He looked at human behavior, researching themes of the subconscious mind and psychoanalysis, relating them to his design objects. Vessels and containers offer a physical and symbolic platform. He currently lives and works in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.