Side Gallery

Side Gallery


Wall mounted lamps
Manufactured by Brian Thoreen
Produce in exclusive for SIDE GALLERY
Mexico, 2019
Silicon Rubber, Steel, LED Light

50 cm x 27 cm x 158 h cm
36 cm x 27 cm x 300 h cm

19,68 in x 10,62 in x 62,2 h in
1417 in x 10,62 in x 118,11 h in

Limited edition of 8 + 2AP

Brian Thoreen is an american designer based in Mexico who creates furniture, architectural installations and unique design objects that gather their ethos from the integral nature of the materials within the application. His works, whether rigid or fluid, follow a commandment that the inspiration is in the medium and the final product will always tell its own truth.
ThoreenĀ“s vision has been focused through years of working in the fields of art, fashion and architecture. He found early inspiration working closely with artists like James Turrell or Peter Wegner and brings this artistic sensibility to real world applications, always focussing on artisanal craftmanship in an effort to maintain the implicit virtue of his works.