Side Gallery

Side Gallery

B.B.P.R. Lodovico Barbiano di Belgiojoso, Enrico Peressutti, Ernesto Nathan Rogers (1932-1976)

Pair of armchairs model “Giulietta”
Manufactured by Arflex
Italy, 1958
Iron structure, wood, upholstery

88 cm x 85 cm x 88h cm
34,64 in x 33,46 in x 34,64h in

Private appartment in Milano

Domus n. 372, novembre 1960, cover a& pp. 45-46

BBPR was founded in Milan in 1932 by Rogers, Gian Luigi Banfi, Ludovico Belgiojoso and Enrico Peressutti.
Amaong their most important projects are: The Pavia master plan, Italian Shipping Pavilion at Paris International Exposition, The Heliotherapy Colony, Legnano, E42 Post Office, Monument to victims in German concentration camps, Milan, American Pavilion, Milan Triennale.