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B.B.P.R. Lodovico Barbiano di Belgiojoso, Enrico Peressutti, Ernesto Nathan Rogers (1932-1976)

Day bed
Produced in exclusive for the Apartamento Z.P.
Italy, 1952
Solid walnut wood

198 cm x 92 cm x 35h cm
77,9 in x 36 in x 13,7h in

Apartamento Z.P. in Milano

Unique Piece

B.B.P.R. by S. Maffioletti. Published by Zanichelli, Milano 1994.

BBPR was founded in Milan in 1932 by Rogers, Gian Luigi Banfi, Ludovico Belgiojoso and Enrico Peressutti.
Amaong their most important projects are: The Pavia master plan, Italian Shipping Pavilion at Paris International Exposition, The Heliotherapy Colony, Legnano, E42 Post Office, Monument to victims in German concentration camps, Milan, American Pavilion, Milan Triennale.