Side Gallery

Side Gallery


Manufactured by Annemarie O´Sullivan
England, 2019
Finger jointed ash and cane”

150 cm x 200 cm height
59 in x 78,74 in height

Curl is one of Annemarie’s architectural woven forms. Working mainly with machined or coppiced wood, willow and hay, works such as ‘curl’ are an exploration of forms and spaces. These woven sculptures are a response to the materials Annemarie grows and gathers from the land. Inspired by the natural curves and movements of the materials as they grow wild in the woodlands, her pieces explore the interconnections of her resources to represent an ordinary image of a pattern they might form in their natural environment.

Based in East Sussex, Annemarie O’Sullivan makes contemporary baskets using ancient British basket-making techniques. She grows around 20 varieties of willow, which she harvests by hand on a half-acre plot near her home. Working from a wooden studio in her garden, Annemarie creates both small-scale domestic objects and larger woven sculptures. Annemarie is invested in organic, sustainable practice, engaging with every step from harvesting to weaving. Her work draws on the curves of the landscape, demonstrating a connection with nature that results in beautiful baskets, steeped in history. Her baskets have been featured in The New York Times, The Irish Times, House and Garden and Country Living.