Side Gallery

Side Gallery


Round dining table model “302”
Manufactured by Bernini
Italy, 1961
Bronze, onyx

149,5 cm diameter x 73,5 cm height
61 in diameter x 28 1/2 in height

“Domus”, n. 400, marzo 1963, pubblicità; I. De Guttry, M. P. Maino, Il mobile italiano degli anni Quaranta e Cinquanta, Laterza, Roma-Bari 1992, pp. 200-201

Angelo Mangiarotti is an absolutely original figure in international architecture, one of the few Italian masters (like Ponti, Nervi and Piano) capable of exporting his idea and philosophy of design. Mangiarotti’s career began in the early 1950s and immediately produced works that became points of reference for the world of architecture, engineering, design and art, thanks to his ability to establish a dialogue with this normally distant disciplines – His profound sense of ethical values, civil commitment and moral rigor in the every gesture of his professional activity make Angelo Mangiarotti a rare example; unique personality being architect, designer and sculptor at the same time.