Side Gallery

Side Gallery


Corner Light 1
Manufactured by Bram Vanderbeke
Produce in exclusive for SIDE GALLERY
Gent, Belgium, 2019
Coated steel tubes

186 cm x 70 cm x 66h cm
73,22 in x 27,55 in x 25,98h in

Limited edition of 8

Bram Vanderbeke lives and works in Ghent, Belgium, and gra- duated in 2016 from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. His work is diverse, and has a sculptural and monumental form language. Bram explores and reforms relationships between object, environment and user, and plays with materials, form and functionality. His objects are artistic manifestations in which their functionality is not delineated. Bram creates archi- tectural objects and installations in different scales, both within private and public contexts. His work often has a spatial role where it can in uence people in their experience and interac- tion with their environment, or where an object creates a new space within the existing space.