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PIERRE PAULIN (1927-2009)

Armchair and ottoman model “CM 190”
Manufactured by Thonet
France, 1954
Iron, fabric upholstery

57 cm x 49 cm x 67h cm
22,44 in x 19,29 in x 26,37h in

Pierre Paulin, Vedrenne and Fèvre, pl. 10 Furniture & Interiors of the 1960s, Bony.
Bergdoll, B., Bary, A., Branzi, A., Descendre, N., Foulon, F., Geel, C., Leymonerie, C. & Rubin, C. (2008). Pierre Paulin: Designer, p 198-199.

A former student of the school Camondo, Pierre Paulin joined in the early 1950’s studio Marcel Gascoin. He worked first with Thonet France from 1952 to 1967 and then with Artifort from 1958. Along with the creation of furniture, Pierre Paulin is involved in official controls: reorganization of the Louvre in 1968, projects of furniture for the Houses of Culture and, in 1971-1972, development of the private apartments of the Elysee .

In 1969, Georges Pompidou indicating a strong interest in modern furniture, invites Coural Jean, director of the National Furniture to redevelop the apartments of the Elysee Palace, with the constraint, reversibility of the decor. Pierre Paulin designs while covering an autonomous parts, creating a set with soft tones, which are contrasted with the whole colorful directed by Agam.