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Side Gallery

MARTIN EISLER (1913–1977) & CARLO HAUNER (1927-1997)

Chaise longue
Manufactured by Forma Brasil
Sculptural iron, upholstery

161,3 cm x 62,2 cm x 81,3h cm.
63,5 in x 24,5 in x 32h in.

Aric Chen, Brazil Modern the rediscovery of twentieth-century brazilian furniture. The Monacelli Press, New York 2016, reproduite page 208

Familia Niomar Muniz Sodré Bittencourt

Beside Carlos Hauner, Martin Eisler (1913­-1977) was the founder for the iconic Brazilian furniture company Forma. He was born in Vienna, Austria, and studied architecture in his country. In 1938 he moved to Buenos Aires. After meeting Carlos Hauner in Brazil, he started traveling there frequently to collaborate on designs and, they founded Forma to sell their own designs as well as pieces licensed from Knoll International. Eisler also opened Forma in Buenos Aires, along with partners Arnold Hakel and Susi Aczel, as an architectural, industrial and interior design firm also known as Interieur Forma.