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Side Gallery


Ceramic vase model “Artistic Stratum_ C4/1R”
Manufactured by Jongjin Park
Seoul, 2017
Tissue paper, porcelain with stain

24 cm x 20 cm x 21 h cm.
9,4 in x 7,8 in x 8,2 h in.

Unique piece

Jongjin Park (b.1982) is an experimental ceramicist who’s work, Artistic Stratum, is the result of a four year research that started during his Master’s thesis at Cardiff University. His process is very unique, layering fragile paper towels painted with clay slip he creates a solid millefeuille that not only mimics a wood appearance but can be later manipulated with woodworking tools that he uses to shape and manipulate the resulting blocks.
Through the layering process Park also experiments with color, giving an extra dimension of texture and visual richness. His work shows not only that he is a skillful artist, but the refinement of an ongoing process of research and experimentation with materials.