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Side Gallery


Ceramic model “Spirit”
Manufactured by Ellen Ehk Åkesson
Sweden, 2017
Stoneware and glaze

40 cm x 26 cm x 30 h cm.
15,78 in x 10,23 in x 11,8 h in.

Unique piece
Forest Theme Edition

Ellen Ehk Åkesson (b. 1976) has her studio in the former glass
factory Pukeberg in Nybro. Here, she uses clay as a medium
to connect body and mind, bringing an imagined object into
the physical world. She is deeply inspired by her surroundings
that feed her mind and eventually define the identity of each of
the pieces she works on. They go through layers of color and
repetitive firing, getting a unique feel by the constant act of
doing and touching the material. Often distant from utilitarian
objects, her work can be perceived as fantasies captured in